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This is Dr. Scarlett. I’m so glad you signed up to get my newsletter I really want to show you my best secrets for having an incredibly enjoyable sex life. You deserve it!

Today, I want to get to know where you’re coming from so maybe I can offer you a bit of powerful advice you can put to use TONIGHT.

Tell me if this has ever happened to you…

You’re in a bar and there’s a woman you just met that you’ve been talking to for a while. She seems to be interested in you.

She’s playing with her hair, laughing at your jokes, inching closer to you.

You decide you want to ask her to come over to your place where it’s quiet and you can be alone with her. You’re hoping that it will lead to something more.

You tell her that she’s pretty or looks hot, that she’s been turning you on all night, and maybe she’d like to go somewhere else so you two can get to know each other better?

Her smile wilts a bit and she turns away from you. She goes to check her cellphone. “Oh hey, I just realized I have to meet a friend of mine in fifteen minutes.”

Before you know it, she leaves, and you’re left wondering what you said wrong.

Or how about this scenario…

You’re on a date with a woman. You’re really into her and you think she’s ready to go to bed with you. You’re sitting on the couch, having a drink and some light conversation.

You move in and start kissing her, and she softens a bit and you gain a little bit of confidence to do more. You kiss her deeply and passionately to show her how into her you are. She kisses you back, and you assume she’s given you the green light, so you slide your hand up her blouse and cup her breast, squeezing firmly yet gently.

This goes on for a few minutes. She seems into it, so you run your hands up her thigh to her panties, rub her for a minute there, and before long you’re both naked and having sex.

You lay in bed feeling pretty good about things. She seemed to have enjoyed it. She moaned a lot and you both came—or at least you think she came.

The next day, however, she doesn’t respond to your texts for several hours, and when she does, she seems evasive. She’s been busy. She’s tired. She’s not sure what she has going on this weekend, she’ll get back to you.

You know she’s trying to blow you off, but you can hardly believe it. You thought everything went great last night! What happened?

I’ll tell you what happened.

In both scenarios, you probably made one of the biggest mistakes that so many men make with women.

You probably tried to do what works for YOU to get a woman hot and wanting you. In the bar scenario, you commented on her body and told her what turns YOU on. But that doesn’t necessarily turn HER on to hear that. In the second scenario, you touch her genitals and breasts, you show her how horny you are. You stimulate her body before entering her. But that’s NOT what makes a woman hot.

FACT: Research shows that women get turned on sexually through non-sexual ways.

You need to know how to turn on her BRAIN first, not her genitals, if you want to stand a chance of getting her interested in having sex with you, and then wanting to be with you again and again.

A woman wants sex when her MIND goes there, not when her body is rubbed and prodded. A woman wants sex when her imagination is engaged, not when you tell her that she’s making you hard.

Touching her breasts, ass or crotch before you’ve touched any other part of her body won’t really turn her on.

Talking dirty to her to get her “hot” won’t do it. Oh, she might pretend it gets her hot to please you, but deep down, she’s going to be bored out of her brain. Seriously.

And even if you get her into bed with these faulty techniques, if you don’t know the right way to touch her and get her really wanting to have sex with you, she might just fake orgasm, just to get it over with. She won’t be inspired to sleep with you again. She might decide the next morning that you’re just not the right guy for her.

I know that this isn’t your fault. No one ever told you what to do, what to say, and where to touch her to make her want you. Women won’t necessarily tell you, and you can’t learn anything valuable from watching porn.

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In Make Her Hot, you’ll learn:

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• Why porn is ruining your sex life, even if she never suspects you’re watching it
• The secret to making her orgasm more than once
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• How to kiss her in a way that will make her beg for more
• What to watch and listen for to know she’s ready for penetration
• And much more…

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She’ll think she’s won the lottery because she’ll be so deliriously pleasured by you, your hands, your lips and your cock.

Don’t YOU deserve a better sex life? Don’t you deserve to be appreciated for who you are and how you make her feel? You do!

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I look forward to hearing how it helps you.

Your friend,
Dr. Scarlett

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