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Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Purchase Dr. Scarlet’s Make Her Hot Program! 

Congratulations! You’re about to obtain the insider secrets and strategies on how to have mind-blowing sex that Dr. Scarlet once only reserved only for her multi-million dollar generating leaders and corporate CEO clients. Never again wonder if you made her come or if she enjoyed herself. She will be begging you for sex!

When you purchase the Make Her Hot program, you’ll receive FOUR FULL HOURS of audio to download and listen to anytime, anywhere. This is 26 chapters of incredible content! 

Make Her Hot audio program chapters include:

  1. You Deserve Better!
  2. Who’s a good lover and why?
  3. Can you get enough sex?
  4. Porn sex vs. real sex
  5. How women are different than men
  6. Can you keep her in your bed?
  7. The art of seduction – getting to yes
  8. Seductive Touch Techniques
  9. Pussy parts and how to touch them
  10. What happens when a woman orgasms
  11. Sex during her period
  12. How to keep her hot and horny
  13. What lowers sex drive
  14. What raises sex drive
  15. Bad technique – it’s everywhere
  16. Building sex energy
  17. Preparing for great sex
  18. Great sex begins outside the bedroom
  19. Great sex begins outside the bedroom 2
  20. Become a foreplay artist
  21. Kiss her so she wants more
  22. Use your mouth all over
  23. Oral sex technique
  24. Pussy touching
  25. Be her best ever – master the transition
  26. Thrusting strategies bigstock--buy-now-vector-button-7592684

 As a THANK YOU for your purchase, you’ll also receive these valuable bonuses:

Free Bonus #1

7 Steps to Stronger Orgasms for You (MP3 audio download)

Dr. Scarlet teaches you 7 steps you can take immediately to have stronger orgasms tonight.  If you’re used to your orgasms all feeling about the same, then you have no idea what you’ve been missing.  Dr. Scarlet’s techniques can make your orgasms feel more than twice as powerful as you’ve ever experienced!


Free Bonus #2

Female Ejaculation (MP3 audio download)

Dr. Scarlet will also teach you all about female ejaculation, commonly called squirting.  Now you can finally learn from a woman all about this elusive experience and you can finally be empowered with the knowledge about squirting that few men will ever even know.


Free Bonus #3

The G Spot (MP3 audio download)

You’ve heard about it, you’ve wondered about it and you want to know about it.  Well now, you can learn first hand from a Doctor about what the G Spot is and how you can send your woman into intense orgasmic pleasure by connecting with her and her G spot in the way she was designed. You will never be so admired by your woman as when you give her orgasms that she’s probably never experienced before.


Free Bonus #4

The Make Her Hot eBook of 40 Sexual Positions (Downloadable PDF)

Dr. Scarlet has compiled one of the best lists of intercourse positions that will make the sex you have tonight better than you can imagine. If you want to experience better sensations, increase her pleasure exponentially and have (and give) more powerful orgasms, you need to get this complete collection of 40 sex positions.  Dr. Scarlet not only gives you incredible renderings of these positions, but she also gives you instruction on how to best take advantage of these positions while you’re actually having sex.

These four bonuses on their own would normally be valued at $49 each bringing their combined value to nearly $200!  But when you buy the Make Her Hot program right now for only $69, Dr. Scarlet will add them for FREE.

Best of all, your purchase is backed with Dr. Scarlet’s 15-day money back guarantee!  If you don’t believe Dr. Scarlet’s Make Her Hot program is the best sex education you’ve ever received, you can receive a complete refund and keep the eBook of all 40 intercourse positions.

Don’t wait, click the BUY NOW button below and start making her hot tonight!


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